Welcome to the inaugural post of the Cascadia Vape Blog.  I would have liked to have timed this with the opening of our shop at, but since it’s taking longer than expected to prepare, this post will have to serve as an update to let you know we’re almost there. And while we’re waiting (and working on it), we wanted to share a little more about the background and philosophy of our company.

As you might know from our “About” page, we’re based in Seattle and proud of it. It’s a city known for innovation, creativity, and the beauty of the natural environment which surrounds it. Seattle is home for interconnected communities of intelligent, creative, independent, active and environmentally conscious people who happen to be some of the very people our company and products we carry would appeal to the most. Many Seattlites are also socially progressive and/or libertarian, as evidenced by the large number of voters who supported initiative 502 which legalized recreational cannabis use. Despite the relative prevalence of such values, many people in Seattle and surrounding areas still smoke cigarettes.

As a nature lover it pains me to find cigarette butts polluting otherwise pristine beaches and trails. I also dislike inhaling smoke when I’m walking behind cigarette smokers or standing near them at bus stops or social gatherings. However, I can sympathize with them because I used to smoke in my early college years. Peer pressure was a factor and I felt that it helped me focus for longer periods of time despite knowing it was unhealthy and being irritated by the second-hand smoke I subjected myself to. My older brother was a longtime smoker but was recently able to quit with the help of an electronic cigarette.

Other traits associated with contemporary Seattle culture and relevant to e-cigs and vapes are openness to innovation and early adoption of technology. Early adopters of any technology aren’t afraid of doing things differently, especially if there’s benefits resulting from embracing change and breaking old habits. This may be a factor behind the increasing popularity of both electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers used for herbal concentrates. My intention is to expand on some of the many benefits through the informational pages and future posts on this blog.


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