Why Zero Nicotine?

Some may have noticed that Cascadia Vape provides a no nicotine option for all e-liquid flavors. We feel it’s important to make it available for those who are trying to quit, who are allergic to nicotine and/or who wish to avoid the physically habit-forming aspect of nicotine but still wish to enjoy the flavor of the vapors. In a 5/17 column at Vape News Magazine, Susan Oser shares her thoughts on the matter (keep in mind she offers only anecdotal evidence and not scientific or medical data):

Living the Life of a 0 Nic Vaper

By Susan Oser

I make no bones about the fact that I’m a 0 nic vaper. I have done this not because I was once a smoker and then lowered my nic level to nothing. In fact, I only tried smoking one time in my life for a month just because I wanted to try it, and it didn’t work out so well for me.

Having said that, I vape at 0 nic because of several reasons that you may or may not find surprising:

I vape at 0 nic to support the community, especially my boyfriend who took on vaping and has been more than 100 days analog free.

He heard about the vaping community from my interactions with the online vaping community via vaughnlive.tv (now vapers.tv). He was curious about the people that I was interacting with, and also he had been trying to quit smoking on and off since I met him. Once I introduced him to the community, he was hooked up with a kit (after he won juice in a contest), and the rest as you say is history. It was not too long after that that I started vaping myself and pretty soon became a vapenet host so that I could help others, show my support and make sure that people are in the know about vaping and vaping activism.

I vape at 0 nic because I have found that even at this level, my breathing has gotten better (particularly during the cold winter months).

You know how asthma sufferers use an inhaler to help them breathe better? Well, that’s pretty much how I’ve used my vaping device.  There have been times when my breathing has been uncomfortable for me, and once I take a hit off of my vaping device, I end up feeling much better than before and can breathe a bit better after a while.

I vape at 0 nic because I have found it has helped me get over my sicknesses faster and stave them off.

This is something I’ve heard other vapers talk about recently, especially with the colds, flus and sinus infections going around. I have even experienced this myself, and I’ve noticed that since I’ve started vaping, my colds or sinus issues will last at least a week tops (especially when vaping the right flavors). Flavors that are recommended to vape when you have a cold or sinus issue include menthol, mint, cinnamon and/or citrus (especially lemonade in my case).

I vape at 0 nic because I can learn all there is to vaping that I can share with others who are looking to quit analogs.

That has become one of my key reasons to learn how to vape these days. I know a couple of smokers who are looking to quit and be ex-smokers (apart from my boyfriend) and when I heard this I just suddenly get giddy. I think it is because of the knowledge that I’ve gained as a vaper on a basic level that I want to share with others just starting out at the same level. I also want to make sure that the good vendors I’ve come to know and interact with on an online level get their name out there to others that probably never heard of them. I guess you can say I want to do what I can to help out others, and why not do it on a vaping level?

I vape at 0 nic because I believe everyone should have the right to vape and use e-cigs (aka political reasons).

Ok, now I know what you’re thinking: Are you crazy? Well yes, yes I am. I guess I’ve taking to vaping with a bit of a punk rock attitude because if you think of it, punk rockers are kind of anti-establishment anyway. In addition, I feel that if those using various levels of nic are affected with recently proposed legislation that could take their rights away, then perhaps mine could be done (especially if it depends on the wording on how e-cigs are defined). I also feel that standing up for others’ rights and being a voice for the voiceless is what activism at its basic level is all about anyway.

I vape at 0 nic because I can become creative in a different element: such as knitting vaping accessories.

For those of us that like to make things, the vaping community has been a great realm of inspiration to tap into. Besides myself, I know of several other people who have come into crafting vaping accessories and selling them online whether it’s via Facebook or Etsy. I’ve even considered (and am in the process of) taking the plunge in this by knitting up vaping accessories including: lanyards, vaping bags, tank accessories and more. I think the next thing I’d love to either try to come up with or see someone try to do would be make paintings and other artwork related to vaping, vaping photography, and/or vaping related poetry and fiction stories. You never know how, when, and where inspiration will strike.


I vape at 0 nic because it gives me a chance to socialize (as well as network) with a different community of people.

I think since I’ve merely connected online to the vaping community, I’ve met a great group of friends and connected with some interesting people who are in the known as well as well-known users. While I haven’t gone to a big convention or vape meet yet (due to current money issues and limited transportation), it doesn’t mean I’m not going to try. Just the idea of meeting people, connecting with others and then passing on names of those vendors, people to talk to, etc. to new vapors and others is kind of a cool thing. This really is a great community that truly is worth knowing and whose stories need to be out there in the public.

Now, while being a 0 nic vaper has its perks, I have discovered a few interesting drawbacks when it comes to being one.


There are some vendors who don’t create 0 nic juices (especially if it is a flavor that everyone likes and that I can’t have). For those 0 nic vapers reading this, you will know exactly what I’m talking about. How many times have you heard of this epic new juice or this epic company in which everyone is trying their juices and yet they don’t have it in 0 nic because either they are just starting out, it’s the only type(s) of nic they make, etc. One would think that if they expanded their line to 0 nic that they would bring in a bit more cash to their coffers.

While it hasn’t exactly happened with me, I’ve wondered if there are some 0 nic vapers out there who have felt like they don’t fit in with the cool kids because they don’t vape any nic at all or whether or not they are looked down upon. If that’s the case, why would something like that happen anyway? Whether you are a 0 nic vaper or a 24 nic vaper you still are technically a part of the community.

When someone who doesn’t know about the community hears that one is a new vaper, especially at 0 nic level, the criticisms can fly. First, there’s the stigma of being lumped in the regular nic vapers and how it’s bad for one’s health. Then there’s being lumped in with the marijuana vapers and that the 0 nic is going to lead to some bad things. In my case, that’s not true at all. I mean, there are so many good flavors out there why would I want to? In addition, I’m just merely vaping mostly flavoring and PG/VG without the nic. That’s all it is.


Before I got into the vaping community like I have, I came across some message boards that were vehemently criticizing 0 nic vapers (especially if one wanted to start out that way). In fact, quite frankly it scared me a little bit because I knew I was going to start out as a 0 nic vaper and just seeing those harsh criticisms were making me wonder if I wanted to become friends with ANYONE in the community at all. However, after talking with some vaping show hosts and getting their opinions, I realized that in general that everyone was pretty cool with it and honestly, that’s how it should be. If someone wants to become part of the community as a 0 nic vaper, he or she should be welcomed with open arms. Perhaps maybe he or she can help educate the public on vaping and help change the lives of those smokers he or she knows who are trying to quit the bad analog habit or realize that vaping is a right and will want to fight for the rights of other vapers as well as themselves.

About the Author:  Susan E. Oser aka Angelwriterspeaks on Vapenet (http:// http://vapenet.com/) is an advocate for rights when it comes to vaping, equality and more. She currently works as a freelance writer and online tutor. Find her at http://www.angelwriterspeaks.com, http://twitter.com/angelwriter78 and https://www.facebook.com/Angelwriterspeaks?ref=hl.  If you wish to contact her directly you can do so at: angelwritercreations@gmail.com.


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