Historic First Day of Legal Pot Retail (for recreational use) in Seattle! 7/8/14


Today marks the day that the first 25 legal recreational cannabis retailers opened shop in Washington State. Surprisingly just one store, “Cannabis City”, opened in Seattle, so I went there to check it out this afternoon.

I arrived at about 1:30pm, and by then there were already long lines in front, happy shoppers and/or gawkers loitering about, a couple of satellite television vans and numerous roving reporters and bloggers like myself. Though technically illegal, there was a slight smell of cannabis in the air from consumers who couldn’t wait to get home before trying out purchases but no one seemed to mind.


As I walked past the storefront to see how long the line to get in was, I saw people giving interviews to various media outlets and barricades with security guards regulating the number of customers in the store.


Though the demographics of the folks in line skewed towards younger college-age people, there were actually a wide range of people of different ages and races represented, showing how diverse Seattle’s cannabis community truly is. As one can tell from the photos, it was a nice day to be out and the atmosphere was festive. Even the security guards seemed to be having a good time.


I was tempted to join the line myself, but seeing how it zig-zagged the length of the building and hearing it’d take a couple of hours to get in, I decided to do a return trip another day. Fortunately the shop is just a short bus ride from where I live.


A happy customer leaving the store showing off his purchase.

While it may be true that cannabis is still cheaper in the underground market, The Stranger makes a compelling case for why establishments like Cannabis City should be supported.


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