Meeting Tommy Chong

IMG_5412By Reid Mukai

One major detail I left out of yesterday’s post on the Cannabis Tech Meetup was that they held a raffle for a meet and greet with Tommy Chong at the C&C Dispensary which I happened to win. Being a longtime Cheech and Chong fan, I couldn’t not ask for his autograph and he kindly obliged, though he seemed surprised that what I had for him to sign was a dvd of AKA Tommy Chong, an indie documentary about his run-in with the Feds for selling bongs on the internet. He self-effacingly joked about his mugshot used on the cover of the box and spoke fondly of the making of the film though not of what he went through with the government.


Fortunately, it seems since Chong’s second hit from the feds in 2008 (when the DEA raided the offices of Spectrum Labs, a producer of urine cleansing products endorsed by Chong and a distributor of the documentary about him), they’ve left him alone and he’s moving forward with plans to do further collaborations with Cheech Marin.

Chong also confirmed and elaborated on how while he was in prison he struck up a friendship with Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street) and how he was the first person to urge Belfort to write a book about his life. He said they’re still friends and that he enjoyed the film adaptation of the book except for the ending.

By then our time was almost up but since he was curious I told him a little about my business and I let him know how important his case was to me as a fellow entrepreneur selling related products online. He gave kind words of support and encouragement but unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to smoke together. Nevertheless, I’m happy to have had the opportunity to chat with the legendary Tommy Chong, who was as mellow and funny (though not quite as high at the time) in person as his on-screen persona.



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