Police Chief Calls for Legalized Marijuana in Wisconsin

Source: Collapse.com

A police chief in Wisconsin has taken a stance you might not expect from someone in his position. He thinks marijuana should be legal in his state.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, Madison Police Chief Mike Koval believes marijuana should be legal in The Badger State.

“We’ve done such an abysmal job using marijuana as a centerpiece of drug enforcement, that it’s time to reorder and triage the necessities of what’s more important now,” Koval told the Wisconsin State Journal.

As noted in the report, Koval believes taxes from weed sales should be used to fund drug treatment and expand the capacity of drug court programs that keep addicts out of the criminal justice system.

But don’t count your blessings just yet if you’re hoping for legal marijuana in the state. According to the story, State Representative Melissa Sargent (D-Madison) has introduced a bill to legalize the drug, but it doesn’t have much of a chance of being passed.

Meanwhile, Colorado and Washington State have already legalized recreational marijuana.

Other locations such as Maryland and Santa Fe have passed measures to decriminalize the drug. Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has indicated he’ll sign a bill that will decriminalize it.

And Florida voters support legalizing it for medical and recreational use.

What do you think? Should Wisconsin become the third state to legalize marijuana? Has legalization worked well in the other two states thus far?


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