“Elevated Coffee” at Trichome Seattle

On a recent Sunday morning I dragged myself out of bed earlier than usual to visit a new cannabis-inspired lifestyle boutique store in Seattle’s International District called “Trichome“. Thanks to a blog post from local alternative weekly The Stranger, I learned that morning the store was hosting the first of a series of tasting events featuring Bulletproof-style coffee infused with cannabis oil for customers 21-and-over.

For those not familiar with Bulletproof Coffee, it’s a popular brand sold by health guru Dave Asprey utilizing high-quality low-toxin coffee beans, butter from grass-fed cows and MCT oil. I’ve tried a number of cannabis-infused foods in the past but had never thought of mixing cannabis oil into coffee. While I was intrigued by the prospect of a novel new experience, I was also interested in meeting the creative (and courageous) people behind the event.

It’s technically illegal for businesses to give away cannabis or products containing the psychoactive ingredients of cannabis or to sell without a license, as reported by the Stranger’s coverage of the Trichome event:

On that front, Seattle Police Department spokesperson Sean Whitcomb says, “We do have our priorities, and those priorities start with violent crime, property crime, and other quality-of-life issues,” and that the SPD response to, say, a cannabis-infused coffee tasting would be data- or complaint-driven—that is, data that there’s a lot of crime in the area around the time of the tastings (at which we both laughed), or if neighboring businesses express concern (which also seems unlikely). “We’re a responsive government agency,” he said. “I doubt it’s gonna rate for the narcotics section.”

I was aware that certain businesses have found a legal gray area in the form of private clubs, but knowing there’s cops like Randy Jokela out there it was a bit of a relief to arrive at Trichome with no police presence in sight. Greeting me at the counter was friendly store employee Mary Jane (no joke!) who collected a membership/donation fee and gave me a ticket to take upstairs to the folks preparing the coffee.


Trichome's Mary Jane.

Trichome’s Mary Jane.

Since I had arrived relatively early, there were not as many people there as I expected (yet), just about a half dozen people hanging out and enjoying their coffee, two people making the coffee (David and Gwen) and just one person in front of me in line. I watched as they expertly prepared the pour-over coffee (from Fremont-based Lighthouse Roasters), mixed in about a tablespoon of Kerrygold butter, a tablespoon of MCT oil and a splash of cannabis oil.


As they were working I chatted with David about the process and merits of the Bulletproof approach to coffee making. When I took the first sip I knew that it was among the best cups of coffee I’ve ever had (and I’m not usually into coffee). After a few sips I began to feel the effect of the cannabinoids kick in which seemed to enhance the experience as well as counteract the jittery effect of the caffeine. Likewise, the caffeine may have cancelled out the lethargic effect that certain strains of cannabis sometimes produce while making me feel more alert and talkative. Overall, the effect was comparable to an active euphoric sativa high.


Since more customers were starting to arrive I went downstairs to take a look around the store. Trichome does not sell products containing cannabis but much of the diverse range of products they carry are connected to cannabis culture. The shirts and hats on display seemed to have a stoner/hip-hop aesthetic and they stock a number of artsy lifestyle magazines that would appeal to high-end cannabis consumers. They also have many of the accessories and devices one might find in a traditional head shop, but it’s the diversity and unique taste expressed by the selection that makes it stand out and will help it find its niche in the community. Before leaving, I made sure to try one of the three retro arcade games temptingly placed by the door. The combination of caffeine, cannabis and old video games took me back to the simple pleasures of my college days, experiences which folks at Trichrome may have some familiarity with and hopefully will continue to make possible for others in the future.


The Trichome business card. About the size of a small stamp or large tab of acid.

The Trichome business card. About the size of a small stamp (or large tab of acid).

Future cannabis and coffee tastings at Trichome  (618 S. Jackson St.) will be held on October 12, November 2 and December 21, 10 am to 2 pm.


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