Marijuana Dispensary Docu Series From Tony Krantz Gets Pilot Order At TruTV


Source: Deadline Hollywood

The burgeoning Colorado marijuana industry is heading to reality television. truTV has ordered a pilot for Medicine Man (working title), about the family behind the largest single dispensary in the state where marijuana has been legal since January 1. This marks the first TV series about a Colorado marijuana business since the legalization.

Medicine Man, from Tony Krantz’s Flame Ventures and Wilshire Studios, centers on the Williams family behind the Medicine Man Marijuana Dispensary in Colorado who are a far cry from the stoner stereotypes associated with the people at the center of the legal marijuana industry. Ten members of the Williams family, spanning three generations, work in the business, which has a strict code of conduct for its employees. The show will chronicle the struggle to build a marijuana dynasty as well as the trials of the Williams’ unusual family life, as they ride the wave of a modern-day green gold rush.

Medicine Man demonstrates truTV’s commitment to create shows that provide a fun take on the unique subcultures and characters that will resonate with our target audience of young adults,” said Chris Linn, president, head of programming for truTV. “We’re very excited to be the first network to put the new legal marijuana business front and center in a brand new television series.”

Located on the outskirts of Denver in a nondescript industrial park, Medicine Man is a seemingly ordinary family business that just happens to be one of the leaders in the state’s big new legal marijuana industry. The dispensary, whose product has won awards, has a 40,000-square-foot industrial cultivation facility, employs 75 people, and is building a satellite outpost in nearby Aurora, CO. Krantz (24, Dracula) will executive produce the pilot, with Flame Ventures’ Drew Comins co-executive producing.

“We’ve been in places and seen things that people would have been arrested for only a short while ago,” Krantz  said. “This is a moment in our nation’s history just like the end of prohibition, and we’re telling the story of one family at the center of all of it. This is a fascinating and timely story of a new American Dream.”

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