Grandmas Trying Cannabis for the First Time

By now, many of you may have already seen the viral video of Paula, Dorothea, and Deirdre, three typical grandmothers whose very first sampling of cannabis has already been viewed on YouTube by close to 12 million people. In a recent article with Animal New York, the creator of the video, Mike Gaston, had this to say about the inspiration behind the project:

“One of the things that we noticed was that the whole national debate surrounding the legalization of marijuana was still very big, and we thought, what better way to get people to reflect on some of the absurdities surrounding U.S. legacy laws around marijuana?…Are we being concerned about the right thing? Having totally average, normal grandmas smoking weed for the first time and witnessing what they went through and kind of seeing how incredibly tame and fun it was, it does make you rethink some stuff.”

And for those wondering what strain they were smoking:

“…the name of it is Lavender. When we were looking at it, we were like, “Let’s find something that they can ease into, not the type of thing we’re going to give them and they’re going to freak out.” Here’s the thing: If they had never drank alcohol before, I wouldn’t have made them do a ton of shots all at once, either, you know? Let’s let them feel it and be happy, and that’s about it.”



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