How Chronic Illness changed my mind on Marijuana

Medical Marijuana has helped me in healing my body and my mind more than the pills. I’m glad I opened my eyes and kept an open mind. It is not all bad. It is not bad at all.

By Lion

Source: The Stoned Society

“I’m afraid we’re going to have to operate and put a few tubes in you, you’re in very rough shape.”

Kinda scary words to hear when you have a chronic disease. Sometimes it is inevitable. But you can always make it better, let me share you the story on how Marijuana saved my life.

A little back story on me, I’m 23, Recent 2011 college graduate. My degree?  Law Enforcement.  It’s been drilled into my head that everyone who smokes marijuana is a bad person. So I move back home, I get a blue-collar job, working  at a landscaper’s place. Learned a lot about plants, a few lessons in life and working. The guy I learned everything from told me of his hippy days, and that was my turning point. “So not all druggies are worthless.” Then I find this other job… and EVERYONE there is a stoner. I tolerate it because I needed a second job to pay off that Law Enforcement degree. But while I’m there, people talk about it. And I do something most people don’t do in my position. I LISTEN.

Then my opinion changes. Maybe Marijuana users aren’t so bad after all..

The year passes, still no Law enforcement job, I stick with this retail job. Boss has a freak out moment and disappears from the shop for weeks at a time. Wow, what a learning experience. Keeping the shop open and customers happy was a completely new experience. While I was there, I had an old friend come in and we start hanging out. While we go out on a hike, he asks if I want to smoke. I decline. This goes on for about a year and a half. Then- my disease acts up. Massive gut pain, nausea…you name it. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease back in ’07. I look at my night stand one day there are five medications I have to take with all their own side effects. Some of those pills were to combat side effects of other meds.

My buddy and I go for an overnight kayaking trip, I bring my meds. As I take them in the morning, my buddy asks me what they are all for. I explain to him, and he chuckles. “Awh man, this guy right here can help with all those, and you don’t have to put all those chemicals into your body.”

My eyes grow wide. Was everything I was taught, wrong? Thoughts like this race through my mind. I sit down and take the pipe from him. “How do I work this thing?” I ask. He laughs some more. The next few hours no pain. No nausea. No anxiety. The best part? I AM HUNGRY. I avoid food because food equals pain. I have no pain, and I’m hungry. Down goes leftover dinner, and some breakfast. As we continue our journey down the river, I feel relaxed and in tune with my surroundings. I’ve never noticed how green the trees were,  how blue the water was.

Two months later, I am laying in a hospital bed, being told I have bacteria in my blood, my joints are inflamed to the size of softballs, I have bacteria growing on a few of my internal organs, all with a fever of 105* F. Two weeks later after I have a tube in my back, a tube in my arm, my face grows to the size of a cantaloupe, a massive surgery, and a blood clot in my lung. I’m sent home. I can barely walk, eat, stand up, or even have a clear thought. I also have 39 staples running from above my belly button to my crotch. I’m popping OxyCodone like it’s my job.

I call my buddy. We do our thing, and I smoke a bowl of the best stuff around. No pain, no nausea,  and I’m hungry.  From that day I have smoked almost every day. Here we are in February 2014, I have had EIGHT surgeries since August 2012. That is a lot of bodily harm for a young adult.

Now I’ve started to question what else was I lied to about…politics, the food I eat, basically everything I question. Marijuana opened my mind and my eyes. It is helping me progress through my days. I am not addicted to it. As I write this, I haven’t smoked in three days.

Medical Marijuana has helped me in healing my body and my mind more than the pills. I’m glad I opened my eyes and kept an open mind. It is not all bad. It is not bad at all.


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