Dr. Carl Hart | A Eulogy for Drug Propaganda

Source: Midwest Real

Dr. Carl Hart is an Associate Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at Columbia University and the author of High Price.

Before we were engulfed in a tsunami of boundless digital knowledge containing more truth (and garbage) than we could ever digest in thousands of lifetimes, we lived in an incredibly different world. If you were a child of the 90’s like myself, you were constantly inundated with overly-simplistic catchphrase propaganda– “This is your brain on drugs,” “just say no,” the list goes on. I specifically remember being taught in school that marijuana was supremely dangerous because it was a “gateway drug.” The connotation being that if you so much as tried it, you’d probably wind up a strung-out, do-nothing idiot with a Kentucky-fried brain who’d never amount to anything.

This tireless barrage of indoctrination has forged us into a population that looks to traditional sources of authority with an immense amount of skepticism. Now we shun permission and cringe at spoon-fed information, we just can’t take anymore of it. What we do want is authenticity, truth and the freedom to do with it what we please.

Though a number of those aforementioned gatekeepers are truly obsolete and redundant, not all are. There are still some good ones of all stripes planting their feet firmly against the current of bull shit. Dr. Carl Hart is absolutely one of them. 

Dr. Hart has a PhD in neuroscience, he’s an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology at Columbia and an author. He has studied pharmacology, drugs and their effects for decades. More importantly, he’s one of the only bulletproof academics I know of who’s spreading a realistic, fact-based approach to drug education. If you want to lay the propaganda and misinformation to rest (at least in regard to the drug conversation) Dr. Hart is your man. 



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