Ad for The Hypnotic Bar Experiment Causes People To Hallucinate Instantly


A new ad causes people to hallucinate simply by staring at it.

Playing the video full screen will usually cause visual hallucinations that last around 10 seconds then go away. (Do not watch if you have epilepsy or are prone to seizures.)

The ad promotes  a new kind of live event that is perhaps even more bizarre – The Hypnotic Bar, a lounge where people reach altered states of consciousness without drugs or alcohol.

“The Hypnotic Bar is an experiment attempting to prove that altered states are ultimately all in the mind. Your brain is making you high, not the drugs,” said Albert Nerenberg, hypnotist and director of several documentaries distributed by Disinformation including Laughology, Boredom and Stupidity. “And because they’re all in the mind, you can reach wild, healthy and potentially limitless altered states without cost or compromising your health.”

The ad is intended to demonstrate that altered states are quickly achievable said Nerenberg.

“The ad shows how you can hallucinate without drugs,” said Nerenberg. “What happens at the Hypnotic Bar is far more dramatic. People will become tipsy, lose inhibition, they will hallucinate, they will experience full altered states travel to other planets, meet aliens and have a drink with them. Afterwards they will feel refreshed and relaxed.”

Nerenberg says there are no hang overs or side effects.  “Aside from usually having a great time,” he said.

Nerenberg said he got the idea for the Hypnotic Bar when he saw statistics saying more people are dying now of drug and alcohol overdoses than at any other time in human history.

“People go to the ends of the Earth to get high and get out of their heads, they’re may be a safer and easier way,” said Nerenberg.

He demonstrated the principles behind the Hypnotic Bar at IdeaCity, Canada’s TED conference last year. He also wrote a post for disinformation in 2014 entitled Drugs and Alcohol Are (All?) In The Mind suggesting exactly that.


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