Introducing Relacsin Kava Vape Supplement

From the makers of the best-selling CBD Drip Platinum comes an exciting new vape supplement featuring the most beneficial kavalactones (active components of the Kava plant): Relacsin.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of Kava with any vape device by itself or added to your favorite vape substance. Kava is sedating and is primarily consumed to relax without disrupting mental clarity. It has been an important part of Pacific Island cultures for thousands of years as a part of meals, as medicine, and as a part of social, political and spiritual rituals. While Kava in drink form is undeniably effective, most people not accustomed to it have difficulty enjoying it due to its strong “earthy” taste. However, Relacsin makes it possible to experience the positive aspects of Kava in a vape additive formula with a subtle flavor closer to sweetened Taro.

For more information about Relacsin and Kava, please visit our About and product pages.


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