Short Run Comix and Arts Festival at Seattle Center


20151031_181329Hope you all had a great Halloween. Though I didn’t do much to celebrate it this year, I did get a chance to visit the Short Run Comix and Arts Festival at Seattle Center’s Fisher Pavilion. Over 200 individual artists and collectives were tabling, mostly in the fields of graphic arts, zines, comics, and indie publishing.

Surprisingly, Bruce Bickford, a stop-motion animator famous for his work with Frank Zappa in the 70s, was represented. Though Bickford wasn’t there in person, the table was run by Greg McClellan of Listen2Daze who did the soundtrack for Bickford’s most recent project Cas’l. They were selling clay figurines, posters and dvds of Cas’l. To learn more about Bruce Bickford, check out this short clip from Seattle Channel’s Art Zone:

IMG_2130Another table that caught my attention was selling print versions of Bartkira, a bizarre mashup of two of the most successful (and wildly different) comic/animation creations of the 90s: Matt Groening’s The Simpsons and Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira. The project was organized by Ryan Humphrey and James Harvey and features artwork from a community of crowd-sourced artists. Being a longtime Simpsons and Akira fan, I couldn’t resist purchasing a copy. The print version condenses the story similarly to the film version of Akira, but the online version of the project faithfully recreates the entire graphic novel series and is available for free here:


IMG_2132The team of artists also put together this brilliant animated trailer:

The original Akira trailer:



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