Make the Switch: Why E-cigarettes are the Right Choice.

By Bobby Evans


It’s no secret that smoking traditional fire and tobacco cigarettes is proven to be a long-term health risk for both yourself and those friends and family surrounding you. On top of this they have many other negative consequences, like their exorbitant cost, terrible smell, and the discoloring it does to your teeth. A great solution to many of these problems has arrived through the product innovation of the e-cigarette. Here are just a few great reasons to make the switch.

1. Cut your smoking costs to a fraction of what they are currently

Though the initial cost of purchasing your refillable e-cigarette starter pack may seem steep, the amount of money you will soon be saving by using the changeable or refillable cartridge system will quickly offset your early costs and soon have you saving big. Most traditional smokers who have made the change to e-cigarettes have cut their average smoking costs significantly.

2. They’re more environmentally friendly

Buying traditional cigarettes is not only wasteful because of all the excess packaging, but also even more so because of the cigarette butts that litter the ground wherever smokers go. Buying a refillable e-cigarette allows you to directly top-up your nicotine liquid into your e-cig, meaning there’s no wasteful packaging and no butts or cartridges to throw away.

3. Cleaner smell and teeth

Traditional cigarettes are filled with tars and chemicals that not only create a lingering smell that permeates most smokers hair and clothes, but that also stain their skin and teeth. E-cigarettes, on the other hand, don’t contain these substances and are generally thought to have no smell at all (or some even say they have a slight cotton candy type smell). With e-cigs, instead of exhaling heavy smoke, you’re exhaling a vapor that evaporates almost immediately.

4. Health

While there aren’t enough tests yet to be able to state for a fact that e-cigarettes are healthy, smokers who’ve stopped smoking traditional cigarettes feel better for it. They notice that they have more energy, and feel more physically stronger over time.

5. A smarter alternative to smoking

In the UK, e-cigarettes have recently been adopted by the NHS as one of the newest ways to smoke less, as they allow their users to monitor and reduce their intake of nicotine. Starting in 2016 they will be classified by as “medicines,” insuring that all devices meet the strict safety precautions of the NHS.

So whether you’re looking to quit smoking, or just looking for a cheaper option that is cleaner, scentless, and has people talking about how much better they feel, there is no doubt that e-cigs are the way of the future and offer a viable alternative.


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