New Product in Stock: Vhit Reload for Dry Herb and Wax


From the makers of the Vhit Boom comes a more affordable yet clean, effective and discrete cartridge option compatible with standard eGo threaded batteries seemingly custom made for us and our customer base and currently available for purchase here. While not a perfect vape and without the hybrid technology of the Vhit Boom, it provides convenient and satisfying dry herb and wax hits. Patented spring-loaded tip allows for easy crushing and mixing of material to make full use of it without opening the chamber. Now it’s easier than ever to increase the functionality and enjoyment of any standard e-cig.

The Vhit Reload is a solidly built, affordable, effective, and easy to use atomizer cartridge capable of producing robust hits comparable to many specialized herb vapes and electronic pipes on the market. The Vhit Reload is made of high quality stainless steel and Pyrex glass and features an ingenious spring-loaded mouthpiece/button. This allows users to avoid a common problem with dry herb/flower vaporizers which is incomplete or uneven heating. The mouthpiece mechanism allows convenient crushing and mixing of herb without having to open the chamber and makes it easier to clear out used material when preparing for a refill.

Like with all vape pens and cartridges in which the dry herb comes into direct contact with the heating element, it’s difficult to avoid some combustion but the following steps can be taken to reduce it:

  • grind the herb as finely as possible
  • fill cartridge to between 50 and 70% capacity
  • set battery power to near 3.5V
  • while inhaling, do not hold button down but use a “pulse” pattern (press button quickly and repeatedly).
  • lightly shake or tap the cartridge between hits
  • Occasionally use reload mechanism to compress material
  • discard contents when vape taste dissipates and/or herb turns a yellow-brown color

Compatible with standard eGo threaded e-cig batteries but is especially effective paired with high quality models such as the Innokin iTaste CLK and iTaste vv3.0!

Special Features:

Cleaning tool and two backup heating elements are included with atomizer.

Detachable burner: chamber and coil can be removed to avoid damage while cleaning.

Reload chamber: patented spring-loaded design allows reloading or re-mixing of material to make full use of it without having to reopen the chamber.

Glue-free: can be completely detached into 5 components for easy cleaning and maintenance. Stainless steel and glass components are sealed with silicon gaskets which are are healthier than glue.


Resistance: 1.8–2.5ohms

Working Voltage: 3.7–4.2V

Length: 77mm

Diameter: 16mm


-1pc full vaporizer (base, head, cover, glass, and tip)
-2pcs replaceable metal heads
-1pc clean brush
-1pc manual card

Note: Product price mentioned in the video is closer to wholesale price. Most retailers sell it for nearly twice as much unless used or refurbished.

The Vhit Reload is available at


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