Rick Doblin on Psychedelic Salon

This podcast is a couple months old but still a very relevant must-listen. In this episode, host Lorenzo interviews Rick Doblin, founder and director of MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies). They discuss the war on drugs,  and the science and history of research on cannabis and MDMA for therapeutic purposes among other topics.


Excerpted quotes from Rick Doblin:

“We need to move to a post-prohibition world.”

“The spiritual/mystical experience has profound implications of the kind that we need now.”

“Not in our studies only, but world wide there have now been over 1,100 people who have taken pure MDMA in research since the early ’90s. And there’s never been anybody who overheated and died. . . . We’ve never had anybody overheat. We’ve never had anybody have a heart attack. We’ve never had anybody have a mental breakdown. So we’ve shown in a clinical setting MDMA can be administered safely.”

“We are currently estimating that MDMA will be a prescription medicine in 2021.”


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