Introducing Irie CBD Pain Balm and Irie CBD Hemp Extract


As part of our transition away from nicotine products, Cascadia Vape is proud to carry two new items from Irie CBD (aka Irie Hemp Company), an environmentally responsible company based in San Diego. After receiving much positive feedback for our CBD vape supplements, we realized customers would be well served by offering alternative or supplemental CBD options for ailments that could be better treated by CBD in tincture and skin cream mediums.

Bob Marley fans would know that Irie is a term used to acknowledge the rightness that is always available when we relax and move with the flow. Irie Hemp Company’s name reflects this principle by making it their mission to find simple natural solutions for improving health and wellness. Their CBD products feature organic entourage (except THC) hemp extracts and proprietary formulations offering a broad spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and other natural constituents found in high CBD hemp plants while optimizing nutrient delivery. Irie CBD products are produced from the finest organic industrial hemp and extracted using the cleanest extraction technologies.

Learn more about the company and their products by visiting our product pages for Irie CBD Pain Balm and Irie CBD Hemp Extract.


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