Healthier One Vapour Cloud at a Time

By Aimee

(Vapor Jedi)

There’s a new toy in Vape Town and its name is ‘Cannavaping.’ The state of New York is about to legalize medical marijuana, but that doesn’t mean you can legally smoke a joint even if you require pot for medical reasons. Under the new law, physicians can prescribe cannabis compounds to a select group of patients who suffer from life-threatening conditions such as epilepsy and cancer.

But lighting up won’t be a legal option – instead patients will be required to either swallow cannabis pills,  consume the plant’s oils or extracts in food … or … vape it with the help of a an e-cigarette or a  vaporizer.

Why you should vape medical marijuana, not smoke it

The powers that be recognize that vaping marijuana is healthier and far less irritating to the lungs than smoking it, but a word of caution – the cannabis cloud may be far more potent than rolled and smoked weed. Experts caution that they know far less about the long-term effects of vaping the compounds in marijuana extracts or oils than they do about inhaling the compounds directly from the burning leaves of said plant.

But what they do know is that marijuana smoke produces hundreds of cancer-causing compounds, and that vapourized cannabis contains fewer toxic compounds and carbon monoxide. Marijuana vapers also note less lung irritation, improved taste and the lack of that lingering pot aroma on their clothes and furniture and in the air.

A 2010 study found that marijuana users who suffered from respiratory irritation noted a huge decrease in their symptoms just one month after switching to vaping it rather than smoking it. Lung function also drastically improved in the bulk of the study participants.

“Vaporization of cannabis should lead to a lower toxic burden than combustion,” a lead study analytical chemist at the University Centre of Legal Medicine in Lausanne, Switzerland, says. Vaporization (cannavaping) constitutes a safer approach to cannabis administration rather than cannabis smoking.” the scientist added.

We wonder what other treatment drugs could be safely delivered with an e-cigarette? Is ‘peni-vaping’ (penicillin), ‘ibu-vaping’ (ibuprofen) or ‘vali-vaping’ (valium – we like the sound of that one!)  in our not too distant future?


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