Vape Radio – Introducing Tobacco Free Nicotine: Guest Ron Tully


By Norm Bour

(Vape Radio)

Today’s interview is with Ron Tully, with Next Generation Labs. His is a name you may have heard before if you are in the liquid biz. Today he’ll be sharing a product that may change a lot of things in the e-liquid world.

Tobacco Free Nicotine: what is it? Another name for it is synthetic nicotine, but the term synthetic is not a popular one, kind of like GMO.

There may be advantages to TFN: Better flavor. No aftertaste. Easier to mix with. Those are all good. But it’s pricier than regular nicotine. But not enough to dissuade you and after all,you do get what you pay for.

When you combine TFN with high quality ingredients, what do you get? Pretty awesome flavor. Great for connoisseurs!

The world of vape is changing and you must change with it. The key to survival is adaptation, and our interview today IS all about adapting- to a brand new market.

I’ll be speaking in Amsterdam in July at Vape expo and if you are EU based I’d love to connect! Two weeks later I’ll be in Prague and between the two dates I’ll be touring as many companies and shops as I can. Would you like to connect? Let me know

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What do YOU want to know? We interviewed tens of thousands of vape professionals and asked: What keeps you up at night? What worries you the most?

With hundreds of responses we drilled it down to just a few areas and then found the best people in the industry to address them. It’s June 23-26 and it will be FREE.

What you’ll hear today:

  • TFN is synthetically derived nicotine
  • There are 3 sources for nicotine: tobacco, food extracts,like potatoes and tomatoes, or synthetic.
  • Tobacco has the highest level of nicotine concentration
  • Nicotine is an alkaloid and stimulates the bodies nervous system
  • It is highly satisfying and affects people differently.Some relax, some energize
  • Nicotine is addictive
  • Our bodies adapt to the amount of nicotine our bodies get used to or need
  • Nicotine levels are down in the vaping world
  • Ron came from the domestic and international tobacco industry since 1988
  • TFN is a great alternative to conventional nicotine products
  • Synthetic nicotine used to sell for $125,000 for a kilo(2.2 lbs). It is less today, but still more expensive than cultivated products.Now $5,000 a liter, about $.19 per bottle.
  • This product could be used as nicotine therapy
  • 14 brands currently use TFN
  • It is odorless and tasteless and is very pure, and allows pure flavoring to come through
  • This is still a dangerous product to carry and must be handled carefully
  • It is packaged and shipped in stainless steel flasks and carefully handled
  • The FDA’s view on TFN: they still have jurisdiction
  • This product is NOT derived from tobacco, which will be a conversation with the FDA. Tully advises staying away from any mixing with tobacco.
  • Even DEVICES are considered tobacco products
  • Ron was a SFATA board member, and is now working with VTA
  • Support the Cole/Bishop amendment. We are all in this together
  • Congress or the Court may be the final decision when the FDA is called to task
  • Call Ron if interested in adding TFN to your line

First FIVE people that show a receipt that they contributed to SFATA, CASAA or VTA will get a FREE bottle of TFN liquid.

I want to assure you that the vape industry is far from dead. Yes, there will be failures and closures, but for anyone that has lived through adverse times, these situations create great opportunities as well.

And I can assure you, we will be here to education,motivate and entertain you.

That wraps up VAPE radio show #79 and thanks again for listening. Do you have a topic you’d like to hear or do you have something to share? Someone you’d like us to speak with? Send us a note to


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