Washington State Leaker Says Canna-Data Breach ‘Not What I Was Going For’

Medical Marijuana News

In the wake of the recent data breach at the Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB), which released sensitive personal and financial information about cannabis license applicants to the watchdog website 420Leaks, many in the cannabis industry are asking: Who is 420Leaks founder John Novak, how did he end up with that data, and what?s he going to do with it?

Leafly reached Novak at his home in Lake Forest Park, Wash. He was happy to talk about it.

To answer the main question: He?s not out to steal anyone?s identity. He was, in fact, surprised the information landed in his lap.

?I had no idea this was going to include the entire application process,? he said. ?That?s not what I was going for. I just wanted email exchanges because I?d heard people were getting screwed in the process. I just wanted to see if there were any irregularities…

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