California’s Prop 64 is a TRAP


By Lorenzo  Hagerty

(Psychedelic Salon)


Today’s podcast features insights from Ellen Brown and Latitia Pepper in regards to California’s upcoming ballot measure Proposition 64. As you will hear, this measure will eliminate the current medical marijuana laws in the state. And while anyone over the age of 21 will be allowed to possess up to one ounce of marijuana, the days of medical patients going to a local dispensary will be over. Also, medical patients will need to obtain a new recommendation by January 1, 2018, and that can ONLY come from your personal physician . . . PLUS you will need to purchase a $100 permit to be a medical patient, but you will have no rights that anyone over 21 also has. This is a terrible proposition that basically puts Monsanto in charge of the marijuana business in California. Vote NO on Prop 64.

Annotated Copy of AMUA, Prop 64

Ellen Brown’s Website

Latitia Pepper Interview (full)

The Joe Hemp Network


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