Radical Rant: If Hillary Wants a Win, She’d Better Embrace Marijuana Reform

Medical Marijuana News

While the Republicans coalesce around their nomination of an orange-faced anthropomorphic internet-comments-section for President, the opening of the Democratic National Convention exposed the deep divide between the establishment Clintonian Democrats and the progressive Bernie Sanders movement.

Sanders supporters were already feeling dismissed when Hillary Clinton rejected all of the progressive picks for Vice President on her list (Sens. Warren, Booker, Merkeley, Brown) and went with Tim Kaine. That was followed by the WikiLeaks revelation that, indeed, Sanders supporters? claims of the Democratic Party working to undermine his campaign were valid.

The news was so embarrassing that even the ousting of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz was not enough to prevent cascades of boos raining down on any speaker who dared mention Hillary Clinton.

Now, the Clinton campaign is in trouble. The polling averages show the bankrupt xenophobe with fun-sized fingers pulling ahead of Mrs. Clinton. More presciently, liberal firebrand Michael…

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