New CBD Products from Hemp Health Inc.

Cascadia Vape is now carrying a diverse selection of products from Hemp Health, a company based in Carlsbad California who specialize in affordable yet high-quality hemp CBD wellness supplements.

They’re a good fit for us because like with other products we carry, Hemp Health CBD is non-GMO and contains no pesticides, solvents, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. Like CBD Drip, their products are also tested by third-party laboratories (SC Labs).

For those who prefer a convenient and effective means of oral CBD ingestion, we now carry Hemp CBD Oral Spray. The spray comes in three flavors, original, peppermint and vanilla in either 1oz/100mg or 2oz/500mg volume/concentration per unit. With a recommended dosage of 1-2 sprays under the tongue, they’re as easy to take as a breath freshener.




A new item we carry that’s less convenient to take but even more effective and preferable for certain health needs are Hemp CBD Suppositories. Since suppositories bypass the liver, greater amounts of CBD can be absorbed more rapidly after intake (in 10-15 minutes) and for a longer duration (4-8 hours). Rectal administration of hemp CBD is also preferable in cases of surgery, illness, injury, or when oral methods may not be an option due to vomiting, gastrointestinal difficulties, or physical limitations of the mouth or throat.



Raw_WebLastly, we’re now offering Hemp Health CBD oil in a variety of sizes, varieties and concentrations: 15% Hemp CBD Raw Oil17% Hemp CBD Decarboxylated Oil, 17% Pure Hemp CBD Gold Oil, and 25% Pure Hemp CBD Gold Oil (see individual product pages for information on the specific qualities of each type. All of the oil syringes come in 1gm and 10 gm sizes and can be used to add CBD to your food or beverage of choice (with the understanding that the oil is non water soluble).

To view or purchase any of the oils, please visit (listed near the bottom of the page).

You can also find more product information on our shop pages for CBD Oral Sprays and Hemp CBD Suppositories.


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