5 of the Best Uses for Cannabis Oil


Marijuana has long been recognized for its cancer preventing properties, and various studies have been conducted to produce results corroborating the claims. In some parts of the Western world, medicinal marijuana has already been embraced as an effective, natural treatment for conditions ranging from arthritis to anxiety.

For anyone looking to reap the health benefits associated with using marijuana (or maybe even the psychoactive effects), who don’t actually want to smoke it, cannabis oil is the solution. This essential oil is extracted directly from the plant, and can be orally ingested (in very small doses when dealing with the medicinal, not edible variety) or topically applied. Cannabis oil for cooking, on the other hand, can be consumed more liberally, but still carefully. Here are five ways you can incorporate cannabis oil into your daily routine.

1. As a topical treatment for acne and other skin conditions.

A study has found that the CBD (cannabidiol) present in cannabis oil exhibits anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative effects, making it a potential treatment for skin conditions like acne and even eczema. Of course, when applying cannabis oil directly on the skin as a topical treatment, the user will not experience any of the psychoactive side effects that traditionally come with the inhalation or ingestion of marijuana.

2. As a headache and migraine reliever.

If you’re hit with a killer migraine, try rubbing a few dabs of cannabis oil onto your temples. While regular marijuana use has been cited as a means to combat debilitating headaches, applying cannabis oil topically may also provide some relief as well. Might as well double up to keep that sore head at bay.

3. As an oral medication.

In its highly concentrated form, this essential oil has been used as an oral medication to treat a variety of ailments from cancer to heart conditions. More about its uses can be found from organizations such as the National Cancer Institute. To use, apply a small amount, usually the size of a ¼ a grain of rice to your index finger, and massage it into your bottom gum area.

4. As an oil/fat substitute in recipes.

When cannabis oil is created via extraction methods specifically suited for cooking, it can basically be used as a fat substitute in any recipe that doesn’t call for heating above 280 degrees Fahrenheit (at which point evaporation occurs). Since this form of cannabis oil use involves actual ingestion, users will experience the psychoactive effects associated with smoking the plant, though the high will kick in more slowly.

5. As a topical treatment for relief from muscle aches and pains.

With its anti-inflammatory qualities, cannabis oil can be applied as a topical treatment for relieving muscle aches and pains. In fact, various cannabis consumption methods have already been used to treat chronic pain.


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