Is It Reasonable to Divorce Brad Pitt for Being a Pothead? Angelina Jolie Cites It as a Key Reason for the Split



(Editor’s note: In our opinion, the answer is no. The problematic factors are more likely alcohol and anger management issues.)

Can that really be the final straw?

By Elizabeth Preza


As if 2016 wasn’t bad enough: News of Angelina Jolie’s pending divorce from longtime hubby Brad Pitt may just be the worst development of this dumpster fire of a year.

TMZ reported Tuesday that Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt, citing irreconcilable differences. But sources tell the tabloid the trigger for Jolie was Pitt’s substance abuse, including his dependence on alcohol and pot. The actress-slash-humanitarian is apparently “fed up” with Pitt’s drug use and believes he has “an anger problem” that impacts their six children.

Jolie’s attorney Robert Offer said Jolie made the decision “for the health of the family.” She is asking for physical custody of the kids, and urging the judge to give Pitt visitation rights without physical custody. She’s not asking for financial support from Pitt.

Pitt’s fondness for ganja is well documented. In a 2009 appearance on Bill Maher’s show, Pitt enthused over rolling the perfect joint; two years later, the hollywood hunk told Parade he spent the majority of his marriage to ex-wife Jennifer Aniston “sitting on a couch, holding a joint, hiding out.” Aniston herself had previously told Rolling Stone magazine that she enjoys smoking pot “once in a while.”

Pitt told the New York Post in 2015 that he finally kicked his pot-smoking habit after he became a father. “[Having kids] was the only thing that got me to quit. That was it. Done,” Pitt told the paper.

But if the reports are true, it looks like Pitt’s pot-smoking days reemerged as of late. Though, let’s all be honest here: There are way worse things a celebrity could do than sit on a couch with a joint. Here’s hoping Pitt and Jolie are able to work out a mellow separation in the spirit of low-key stoners everywhere.


2 responses to “Is It Reasonable to Divorce Brad Pitt for Being a Pothead? Angelina Jolie Cites It as a Key Reason for the Split

    • Thanks for the interesting link. While I think it’s unfortunate so many have a tendency to gossip, it’s slightly more understandable when it involves successful public figures, for it can be viewed as a trade-off for the material wealth which media exposure and popularity made possible. That being said, it’d benefit us all to be more empathetic towards the personal problems of everyone regardless of race class and gender (as long as they’re not actively harming others).


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