The Hypnotic Bar Goes Psychedelic


Can People Get High On Air?

After stunning the National Arts Club in Manhattan with a display of hypnotic drunkenness, The Hypnotic Bar is teaming up with the popular psychedelic journal Psymposia to create the first ever Psychedelic Hypnotic Bar (April 2, 2017 at Hellphone in Brooklyn).

The Hypnotic Bar is an event where people are hypnotized to get drunk and have extraordinary experiences while drinking water only. The Psychedelic Hypnotic Bar will apply the same principles of deep trance to seeing if people can achieve a wide variety of altered states without the use of drugs. The Hypnotic Bar has been controversial mainly because audiences are shocked that it is actually possible. Events often feature audience members getting to their feet to see if what they are seeing is real.

In February, Hypnotist and Filmmaker Albert Nerenberg surprised a capacity crowd at an event hosted by the National Arts Club’s Art & Technology Committee, demonstrating that he could get volunteers drunk on water. Several audience members could not pass sobriety tests, and were unable to walk a straight line or even touch their noses. Several people experienced altered states which causes them to melt out of their chairs and fall in love with each other. The only thing that could have made it weirder would have been participants having spontaneous orgasms. They did.

Now, under the challenge of Psymposia, Nerenberg will team up with Lex Pelgar, who hosts a popular national lecture series on psychedelic science. The idea is to create states beyond common drunkenness.

“I will demonstrate that people can get high on air,” Nerenberg said.

“What we saw at the National Arts Club was mind-blowing,” said Pelgar.”I think the audience was truly stunned. There we saw that people could be put on drugs invented by the audience. Now we’re taking it a step further.”

There will be a standard Hypnotic Bar March 31st at New York’s Alchemist’s Kitchen, but on April 2nd the Bar will go psychedelic.  The show at Brooklyn’s popular Hellphone will also include a BreathMistress, a specialist in breathing that will help get volunteers into the appropriate states.

“This is the Holy Grail of Altered States,” said Pelgar. “The BBC just sent someone around Europe to try and find natural Altered States. Their conclusion after months of investigation was that it really wasn’t possible. The Hypnotic Bar may prove that just isn’t true. It is possible.”

Facebook Event Page here

Video about the Hypnotic Bar:


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