Tips for Vaping During the Summer

By Devin Caldwell

(Guest Post)

With the sun out and the temperature rising, the summer months are a great time for days at the beach. If you have a vape, you probably take it with you wherever you go, but there are extra considerations you need to keep in mind when you vape during the summer.


Keep Your E-Juice in a Safe Temperature Range

E-juice can handle a fairly wide temperature range, but it can spoil if you don’t keep it in that range. To avoid this, make sure that you store your e-juice in a location that’s between about 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This rules out your fridge, and it definitely rules out your car on a hot day. Keep this in mind if you go to your local vape shop and buy some e-juice when it’s hot out. You don’t want to stash that e-juice in your car while you spend two hours in the mall.

What happens to e-juice that has been in the heat for too long? The heat ruins the flavor, so it will taste terrible if you try to use it. Heat can also alter the texture of an e-juice and break down its nicotine, so using that e-juice may clog your vape. If you accidentally allow your e-juice to overheat, just dispose of it. It’s not smart to use it, and you won’t be able to fix it. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.


Don’t Let Your Battery Blow Up

Leaving your e-juice out in the heat is bad, but leaving your battery out can be far worse. Once the temperature exceeds 100 degrees, a vape battery’s cells become damaged. This will result in a significantly shorter battery life.

If a battery is exposed to temperatures over 120 degrees, it can explode. That will obviously ruin your vape box mod, and if there’s anyone in the area, they could end up seriously injured. If a battery explodes and catches fire, you need to find a way to smother it or use a fire extinguisher, because water only causes a chemical reaction.

Never leave your battery in the car when it’s hot. The temperature inside a car on a hot day can quickly rise far higher than the actual outdoor temperature, so even if it’s 80 degrees out, it could get hot enough in your car to make your battery explode. Keep your battery out of direct sunlight. If you bring your vape to the beach or anywhere else with you, put it in the shade.


Lower Your Voltage

When it’s hotter, e-juice gets a bit thinner, which means you don’t need as much voltage to heat it anymore. You may want to consider taking your voltage down a notch, especially if you typically vape at high voltages. Thinner e-juice also makes leaks more likely, so make sure that all the connections on your vape are nice and tight.


Stock Up on Supplies

Summer is the perfect time to get some vaping supplies, in particular a backup battery and a travel charger.

In many areas, summer is thunderstorm season, which can leave you without power for days on end. To ensure that you’re still able to vape if this happens, you’ll want to have at least one extra battery on hand.

If you’re taking a vacation this summer, make sure you have a travel charger for your vape so you can charge it when you’re away from home. An extra battery can also come in handy here.

You don’t need to make too many adjustments when you’re vaping in the summer, but you should be aware of potential hazards that can occur if you leave your vaping supplies out in the heat. Having a charged battery at all times is key, especially if you’re traveling, which is why picking up a travel charger and an extra battery is a good idea.


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