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This is the blog for Cascadia Vape, a business started in 2014 to promote healthier alternatives to smoking. But following the effective date of Senate Bill 6328 and due to subsequent legislation since then, regulations and banking policies regarding e-cigs and CBD have made it nearly impossible for small businesses to remain in those markets. This is unfortunate for those concerned with public health because according to the CDC, cigarette smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in the United States. Smoking causes about one in five deaths, more than 480,000 deaths each year in the United States (more each year than HIV, illegal drug use, alcohol use, motor vehicle injuries, and firearm-related incidents combined) and numerous studies have shown e-cigs and vaporizers to be an effective Harm Reduction strategy. The Harm Reduction Coalition considers the following principles central to harm reduction practice:

  • Accepts, for better and or worse, that licit and illicit drug use is part of our world and chooses to work to minimize its harmful effects rather than simply ignore or condemn them.
  • Understands drug use as a complex, multi-faceted phenomenon that encompasses a continuum of behaviors from severe abuse to total abstinence, and acknowledges that some ways of using drugs are clearly safer than others.
  • Establishes quality of individual and community life and well-being–not necessarily cessation of all drug use–as the criteria for successful interventions and policies.
  • Calls for the non-judgmental, non-coercive provision of services and resources to people who use drugs and the communities in which they live in order to assist them in reducing attendant harm.
  • Ensures that drug users and those with a history of drug use routinely have a real voice in the creation of programs and policies designed to serve them.
  • Affirms drugs users themselves as the primary agents of reducing the harms of their drug use, and seeks to empower users to share information and support each other in strategies which meet their actual conditions of use.
  • Recognizes that the realities of poverty, class, racism, social isolation, past trauma, sex-based discrimination and other social inequalities affect both people’s vulnerability to and capacity for effectively dealing with drug-related harm.
  • Does not attempt to minimize or ignore the real and tragic harm and danger associated with licit and illicit drug use.

Additionally, recent research has found that CBD may help reduce cigarette use in addition to having a variety of other health benefits. Vaping is a Harm Reduction strategy for non-nicotine smokers as well. Though studies have shown that smoking cannabis is less likely to lead to lung cancer relative to smoking standard tobacco cigarettes (due to protective properties of cannabinoids), cannabis smoke does contain toxic compounds such as benzyprene which is also found in tobacco smoke. Granted, the amounts found in cannabis are far less than tobacco, but vaping can greatly reduce if not eliminate benzyprene levels. Previous research has found that one of the greatest harms associated with cannabis use is its strong relationship with tobacco, but a recent study has shown cannabis vaping has the potential to reduce tobacco smoking among cannabis users.


This website does not provide medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care providers regarding medical conditions or treatment.


One response to “About

  1. Thx for the ‘likes’ on my blog; End Drug war in Aotearoa/NZ 🙂
    I think the vapour option for cannabis is brilliant. Many anti-law reform people/politicians use the ‘smoking damage’ excuse/reason to stick with prohibition. Its over-exaggerated B-S !


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